Handmade Bokken

In the Handmade Bokken line you can find high quality products conceived to guarantee the best result of, weight, balance and resistance. We choose the wood of each bokken with a lot of attention, avoiding the weak parts and the cracks and we never apply chemical products. 

We therefore obtain a solid lasting product, totally natural.

We produce every kind of bokken for Katori Shinto Ryu, Itto Ryu, Iwama Ryu, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, Togakure Ryu, Kashima Shinto Ryu, Kukishinden Ryu. The choice includes also Yari, Naginata, Bo, Jo, Hanbo and octagonal Bo, Jo, Hanbo. These are the types of woods we have selected for you:

Lignum Vitae – One of the hardest and thickest wood in the world, known also as Ironwood. This wood is very compact, green/yellow color and it is very strong against humidity and mould. Its resistance to impact is impressive.

Hornbeam NEW 2018! - This wood is classified as Ironwood, like the Lignum-vitae, because they are both considered « as hard as a buffalo horn ». It is incredibly hard and dense but not too heavy.
Hornbeam wood has a beautiful color, whitish, and a reduced porosity that makes it humidity resistant. Its flexibility is great and after performing lots of tests we have observed that the impact resistance of this wood is second only to the one of the Lignum Vitae.
Sometimes this wood can have some dark knots that don't jeopardize its performance

Beech wood – it’s heavier and harder comparing to the red oak wood, its surface is thick and uniform. The color is light, veining is straight and there are only few knots. Being a very compact and firm wood, It’s quite flexible and its performance is even better than the one of the red oak

Wenge-  Very hard, compact and strong wood. Its resistance to humidity and impacts is notable. Dark-brown color.