Handmade Katana Swords

The idea of YariNoHanzo Samurai Katana Swords was conceived from the desire to offer a handy, long-lasting and professional product that was also tasteful and well refined.

We have dedicated a long time to the study of the raw materials and the search for the right fittings, in order to improve the quality of our Samurai Katana Swords and to obtain a final product of very high quality at a very competitive price.

Our production is semi-handmade and every single blade is hand forged and hand polished by expert craftsmen.

All the Koshirae are made of high quality materials and every Katana Sword is assembled carefully with the purpose to avoid any kind of degeneration even after a long time practice.

Our selection of Samurai Katana Swords is characterized by different ranges, finishes, dimensions and styles but all the models are perfect for Martial Arts practice, since they are all full tang and fully functional.